The Other Side of ‘13’

Help can come from unexpected voices if you’re listening.

Theresa stopped the entire Zumba class.  Someone’s husband was talking to her so loudly she couldn’t function.  But he was nowhere to be seen.  She had to deliver his message to his wife.  She did.  Then class resumed like normal.

I was channel surfing last night when I came across TLC’s “Long Island Medium” starring Theresa Caputo.  She’s a mom, married with children, and possesses the gift of psychic medium.  Either you think she’s a nutcase or you want to invite her over for dinner so you can reconnect with loved ones who’ve passed away and, ultimately, find peace.

In the episode I watched, in the midst of everyone shaking their booties, a voice from beyond spoke to Theresa.  She apologetically introduced herself when she halted class and proceeded to provide the spirit’s very distinct and specific information.  The recipient it fit identified herself.   Theresa continued fluently.  The woman was stunned and tearful and comforted; everything made sense.

Last week I was cleaning out old files when I came across a booklet, “Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association,” dated 1986-1987.  One day in that time frame I knocked on the door of Marie B. Lilla at 171 Lova Way, Cassadaga, without appointment.  (I kept her business card.)  The psychics welcome walk-ins because that way there’s no chance of you thinking they researched anything about you prior.  I have four pages of notes that I took during the reading and one line says, “gift of writing, published works, special message relating in form of a story touching people in need.”  Fast forward to 2007, I published my first book consisting of interviews with 75 couples married 50-plus years.  The secrets to successful relationships are revealed by the real-life experts.  Eeeeeeeeeeeery!

“13” is significant in my life and my mom and sisters, too.  My dad passed away on the 13th of August in 1996.  Ever since then, he has “spoken” to us through the number 13.  I didn’t want to believe it for a long time because I was a total skeptic.  But way too many “13” things have happened over the years for me to question its validity.  My dad’s “visits” are comforting and reassuring and help me continue moving forward.  For example, several years ago one of my sisters called the fire department due to a potential gas leak at her home.  The firemen came from fire station #12.  Afterward, as a thank-you, my sister ordered a cookie cake with the #12 on it to take to the fire station.  When she picked up the cookie cake and opened the box to make sure it was engraved accurately, it read #13.  Another example, a couple of years ago, one evening, my mom and I were visiting a relative in the hospital.  Afterward, we exited the hospital to the wrong parking lot.  It was dark outside so we went back into the hospital and tried figuring the right way out of the maze.  We ended up leaving through the emergency room doors, and, at that moment, up drove ambulance #13.

Get Along Better provides you relationship “tips” with a twist of humor.  Want more?  4,000+ years’ worth of advice from “real-life experts” are documented in Everlasting Matrimony: Pearls Of Wisdom From Couples Married 50 Years Or More, a coffee-table book by Sheryl Kurland.  Makes an excellent gift for weddings, anniversaries, engagements…or just because!

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